Monday, October 04, 2004

Where to Start?

I'm really new to this kind of thing...I'm new to a lot of things these days. (maybe that will make sense later) Several friends of mine at my church home of CrossBridge are bloggers and I thought I would give it a whirl. I guess I'm interested in having a place to ramble on about the millions of things that clutter my little mind in hopes of getting some helpful feedback. My prayer is that some things I have to say might help somebody else! I'm no theologian or counselor, but I have experienced a lot in my 20-some-odd years and I'm being enlightened by God in ways that I can't even write (err...type).
I think a Sunday school teacher put it best..."I've been a Christian all my life, but was recently converted." I've always been 'nice' and 'good' when it was convenient. I've always known God and even loved Him in a way. I've always wanted Him...maybe I've always been seeking him. But I recently fell in love...with Jesus!!! And I've got to tell you, He's the greatest man around. Not only is he powerful and successful, but he is forgiving and kind and generous. He seems to know whats on my mind all the time and He really wants what is best for me. No other man will ever be what He is to me. (Can I get an Amen?).
Anyway...I'm just thrilled to pieces about my journey that will never end. The final chapter is eternity with the love of my life and I can't wait to be with my brothers and sisters there! But while I am waiting...I want to express the love Jesus gives to me to the people around me. I want to know how to do that. I want to put into practice all the things that I felt at the worship conference this weekend. I found myself smiling at everyone...a sincere smile filled with love for my brothers and sisters in Christ. Why don't I do that on a constant basis? Why do I do that only in that atmosphere? Isn't every person on this earth a child of God? Whether they accept it or not...God loves them and as a follower of His, as a person created in His image, I should be letting is love pour out over everyone I meet. sigh... I'm on a spiritual high right now...a mountain top experience, as Khris put it. I want to shout to the world what the Lord can do for us. And PRAISE GOD for this feeling!
OK....if you are reading this...CONGRATULATIONS!!! You made it through my very first internet ramble. I'm praying for you and God is faithful!!!


Carencro said...

BEST, to be christian,,,,

I want Him also,,,,always in my life,,,,
He is may be in love with whosomeover,,,, did he or someottrous get sometghinhg,,,, (Can I get an Amen?). Amen, herah,,,,said zeus,,,,witgh a little g,,,,

Anyway just waiting forte, you know, I & everyone...a not...God meet. sigh sorry,,,, nowah
OK of COR-ZSE comas,,,,if this is speceific,,,, you know that,,,,Cee----ON----G----RAT----U----LA----T----I----ONS!!!

You made it through my very first internet ramble. I'm praying for you and God is faithful!!!

amen, a man, amen,,,,you gotcha,,,, Cee Told you so,,,,

Khris said...

Shout to the world Mandee all that the Lord has done for you! Congratulations for joining the blogger community.

jamleah said...

I just recently had a fresh "starting point" in my walk with the Lord, as well. I know exactly how you feel!