Friday, December 13, 2013

The Spirit of Christmas - Day 10

This one makes me cry.

If you know me, you know about my parents.  Both of them are disabled and in poor health.  My Mom was on hospice for a year and a half and has since been released.  Her health hasn't improved, but it wasn't getting any worse, so she was released from their care.
Daddy is a double amputee.  He lost both legs after an infection set in post-knee replacement surgery.
The last several years has been tough on them, and our family.  The toll isn't only physical, but also emotional and mental.
They don't have easy lives and Dad, especially, suffers with depression because of it.

Just before Thanksgiving, Daddy was in the hospital with an infection. He felt absolutely horrible and his depression was worse than I've seen it in a long time.
His infections have mostly healed, but his spirits haven't really lifted.

Until an angel visited him this week.

I'm not kidding - I believe that.

Daddy has a motorized wheel chair.  Sometimes, he will ride to the drug store in front of their neighborhood to get a few things they need.  It is good for him to get out of the house like that and it is nice that he can do that if I'm not there when they need something.
This week, he went up to the store and got milk and cat food.
On his way back home, his chair died.
Wouldn't do a thing.
Here he is, stuck on the street.
Now what?  Mom can't drive down to get him. He can't do anything to help himself.
Totally disheartening.
The sweet elderly man who lives in the house where Daddy's chair quit came outside to see what he could do. He got on the phone and called Mom. She called 911.
They are on a first name basis with Mom and Dad.
They are angels too - always coming to help if one of them falls.  And they are always so nice.  (Thank you, Pelham PD & FD!)
First, the police came to assess the situation.  Another neighbor (another angel) pulled his truck out of his garage. Then the paramedics showed up!
Now we've got neighbors, police, and medics - all being angels.

While all of these people were trying to figure out how to get Daddy home, the REAL angel showed up.

She was a young petite woman with an envelope in her hand.
She walked up to Daddy and said, "Somebody gave this to me and told me to pass it on to somebody who needs it. And you look like you need it."

Then she walked away.

Daddy looked in the envelope and it was $100.
What a sweet gift!  I don't know who she is, where she came from, or who gave her that money, but I do know that God started that whole chain of events for my Daddy.

While he isn't out of the dumps, he's not so far down in them now.

Merry Christmas, to my Daddy's angel - whoever you are!

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