Friday, December 13, 2013

the Spirit of Christmas - Day 12


I've got this group of girlfriends who I just adore.

Wait - I have a couple of groups of girlfriends who I just adore!

But I'm talking about the girls I used to work with who have become a HUGE part of me.

We are the fab five - we travel together, celebrate together, and struggle through junk together.
Last night was our little Christmas get together that we do every year.  We eat and talk and exchange gifts and have a fabulous time! 
This year, sweet precious BEAUTIFUL Allison hosted.  It was a great time!

I personalized a holiday hand towel for each girl, along with a monogrammed ornament.  I was most excited about how I wrapped each one!  I used my favorite picture of the 5 of us from our last beach trip and cut s circle out of on envelope to let the recipient's face show through.
I was pretty proud of that idea :)
So, it was 3 gifts in one!  A towel, an ornament, and a photo!
From the girls I got a mug with an M on it (you know I love a monogram!), a beautiful silver angel bell, a scarf from Italy, and a sweet handmade necklace!
And I may have eaten too much.  Oopsies :)
The food was divine!  Candied pecans, Hawaiian Roll ham sammies, cheese fondue, peppermint bark brownies, cheddar bacon ranch pull apart bread, crispy peanut butter balls, and more!  I may need to detox!

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