Friday, December 13, 2013

The Spirit of Christmas - Day 11

That is me!  Busy bee!  
I'm not complaining, but I'm certainly not used to having more orders than I can do in a day at one time!  I'm so excited to be doing so much!  I'd just really like to get the place clean and decorated.
It will happen….


So, here is what a dining room looks like 2 weeks before Christmas when your Etsy shop is doing well!

Yup, that's real life, people.

And here is what your Christmas decorations look like when you are busy!

The boxes have made it out of storage, but the decorations haven't made it out of the box!  I did go through the boxes and find some items to donate to a family who lost everything in a fire last year.  That took away that box and bag in front!

THAT was where I found some Christmas Spirit - in SHARING!

Squirrel likes the pile.

Hopefully, the decorating will happen this weekend!  And I will share :)

And here's one cute gift item I worked on today.  It is a cupcake carrier that expands to allow for 2 layers of cupcakes.  Super cute product that I got to decorate with decals and ribbon!

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