Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Spirit of Christmas - day 16


We decorated the tree!!!

Between my husband, the 3 girls, and I - we have approximately 4,937,938 ornaments!  And most of them made it on the tree this year!
Since the girls are mostly grown (the youngest is a freshman in college) it is really difficult to get everyone together to decorate. We waited for the baby to get home from school to do it and I just about lost my mind looking at a naked tree for 2 weeks.
I kind of live for Christmas decorations.
Is that a problem?          Maybe.

Anyway - here she is!

If I'm honest, every year I wish we had white lights and only "beautiful" ornaments on the tree.  I'd love to add some burlap garland and maybe some bows or sprigs and a monogram tree topper.  But then when we get all of the old sentimental ornaments on the tree and I watch one of the girls put the tree on the top and see my husband's face as he remembers those little handprints, I realize just how gorgeous our tree always is.

Maybe one day I will have my "pretty tree" but it will never be as beautiful as this family tree!
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