Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Spirit of Christmas - Day 8

It is so easy to get caught up in the "Spirit of Commercial Christmas."
And I am NOT judging!!!  I love Christmas songs, music, decorations, shopping, etc!
But I have been trying to evaluate myself every day.  Why do I love it all so much?  What does it really mean?
I can enjoy all of these things even more when I refocus.

JOY to the World.  The Lord has come!!!

That needs to be the center - The Lord came to earth as a lowly baby and lived as a person so that he could die for all people.

Because of His great sacrifice, I have JOY in my heart knowing that He lives in me.

Because He lives in me, I receive JOY in loving others.

Because I love others, I have JOY in giving to others.

The silly Christmas songs and the beautiful spiritual hymns bring me JOY.

Grand lights and tiny trees both bring me JOY.

Shopping for friends and family and, even strangers, brings me JOY.

Seeing what others have chosen to give to me because they love me brings me JOY.

So, JOY TO THE WORLD - in all the ways you choose to celebrate!  JOY TO THE WORLD!

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