Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I did it!!! 14 Days of dedication.

I am a slug.  I have a hard time finding a work out that isn't so challenging that I give up or so easy that it doesn't challenge me enough.  I want to get fit - toned, strong, and healthy.  So, I decided to eat low-carb and get moving.
I found a pin from Prevention Magazine for a 14 day workout that included strength training and walking.
  So, 14 days ago I started it.  I have walked with friends, alone, in my apartment, in the mountains, and in parking lots.  I have been dedicated to trying this out.  I even brought my running shoes and weights with me to a retreat in the mountains.
I should have measured when I started, but I guess I didn't think I'd actually stick to something.  Or maybe I didn't believe it would make a difference.  I can tell you that my jeans that were too tight fit well today.  I've lost 5 pounds and all of my body feels tighter.  This works! I plan to continue for another 2-week cycle and then maybe try to find another workout that I can enjoy this much that is a little more challenging.  I think I'll be ready for it!

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